When mortgage enforcement is needed

One of the foundations of a civil society is the law. Without the law, chaos prevails. This principle certainly holds true in the mortgage industry, a pillar of which is the ability to enforce the terms of the mortgage. In other words, without mortgage enforcement, what’s the point of Read more

Starting your own business

One of the proudest decisions, and achievements, anyone can make is starting your own business. Whether it’s a small business that employs one-to-20 people, or a larger corporation that services local and international jurisdictions, becoming a business owner not only means being your own boss; it means having an Read more

Why title insurance is a good idea

The term title has various uses, particularly in relation to property. For example, the term title is often used in the United States when discussing ownership of a car. In Canada, including where our offices are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, the term title is generally used to ascribe Read more

Enforcing a mortgage

Mortgages as a financial tool have been traditionally a backbone of our modern economy precisely because mortgage enforcement measures are in place. Frankly, without mortgage enforcement real estate law, as well as the right real estate or real-estate closing lawyers to provide proper legal assistance in Richmond Hill, the Read more

Foreclosures and powers of sale

It’s commonly assumed that, when a mortgagor (mortgage borrower) can no longer make payments to the mortgagee (mortgage lender), a formal foreclosure process ensues that ends with the mortgagor selling the property in order to recoup the value of the initial investment. However, as with many issues surrounding real-estate law, Read more

Yes, contracts are important

If someone were to ask you what the foundation of doing business was in a modern economy, what would your answer be? Would you answer technology? Relationships? Money? Power? While all of these things can certainly be important in the pursuit of business success, there is something even more fundamental Read more

A contract isn’t always a contract

Many of us have probably heard of the expression a contract is a contract is a contract, haven’t we. It’s meant to reflect the seriousness that we associate with contracts. Perhaps more importantly, it’s meant to emphasize the binding nature of a contract. In other words, when contracts are Read more

Paying taxes upon death

As the saying goes, the two unavoidable things in life are death and taxes. Wills and estate laws have the peculiar distinction of involving both at the same time. When a person dies, his or her estate gets taxed. So, even in death, taxes can’t be avoided. There is a Read more

Lawyers and mortgage refinancing

The decision to refinance a mortgage is not an easy one. Any mortgage is a large responsibility; one usually taken when financing is a priority in one’s life. This priority could become most important when the term of the first mortgage is over, or if more financing is needed Read more

Understanding real-estate legal fees

One of the reasons lawyers can be the butt of jokes is because they can charge what often seem like exorbitant fees. However, most good lawyers charge only what they have to. That’s one way of getting good referrals, which is the staple of any good legal practice, including Read more

Real-estate taxes

As an old expression goes, there are two certainties in life: death, and taxes. Yet, even though both these things will almost certainly happen in our lives, we still have some control over trying to avoid death, just as we have some control over managing the taxes we pay Read more

Children can make life-or-death decisions

It might come as a shock to some people that, in the province of Ontario, children of any age can make decisions regarding their own health care. In other words, an 11-year old has the right to determine if she will undertake potentially life-saving chemotherapy. If this scenario seems Read more

What happens on closing day?

Buying a home is one of the biggest moments in people’s lives. In fact, it’s probably the biggest purchase consumers make. Buying a new home also comes with its share of symbolism and emotion. It represents hope for the future, economic stability and status, as well as the place Read more

What is an uncontested divorce?

Our society has certainly changes its attitudes towards divorce over the years. In 1979, the film Kramer vs. Kramer was released to audiences across North America. At the time, the film was ground-breaking in that it depicted the realities of modern-day divorce. Today, the movie certainly wouldn’t be considered Read more

The realities of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Indeed, views towards bankruptcy have changed over the years, yet misconceptions still exist. Whereas at one time bankruptcy was considered a moral evil from which one could never escape, today the perception exists that bankruptcy allows swindlers off the hook with Read more

Grounds for divorce in Canada

There used to be a time in Canada when adultery was essentially the only acceptable grounds for divorce under the law. Then, in 1968, Canada passed its first federal Divorce Act, which did a number of things. First, the 1968 Divorce Act created one uniform set of divorce rules across Read more

When stealing ideas is against the law

When people think of property, images conjured usually include physical things like land, houses, cars, or even small items such as toys or simple tools. If someone tries to wrongfully take these types of things from you, you would rightfully accuse them of trying to steal your property, wouldn’t Read more

Dealing with debt

Unmanageable personal debt is an experience most people want to avoid. It can be a living hell. The collectors never stop calling. The situation is kept secret from friends and even family members. It can often feel like the world is caving in with no sign of escape. Yet there Read more

What exactly is a contract?

The word “contract” is bandied about often in today’s society. One of daytime TV’s staples is the “real-life” courtroom drama. Judge Judy is a good example. As such, with many people watching these kinds of shows, they might think they know what a contract actually is. Yet the law Read more

Getting to know basic family law

There are some basic provisions in family law that many people should be familiar with. Since family law touches so many aspects of today’s society, knowledge of that law may help the average person overcome personal difficulty. Of course, in some cases, more professional help may be needed, in Read more

Lawyers undergo higher scrutiny

There is no shortage of lawyer jokes for a reason. Lawyers rank about as high (or low, depending on how you look at it) as used-car salesman and politicians when it comes public perception. Unfortunately, lawyers are sometimes seen as profiting from the misfortunes of others. However, this perception is Read more

Most lawyers are honest

  Lawyers often rank with politicians and used-car salesman in popular opinion. Although it might be easy to conclude from this that the legal profession is inherently bad, nothing could be farther from the truth. Most lawyers come to their profession motivated by a desire to practice the law honestly, Read more

You can’t be your own lawyer

A ruling from the Ontario Superior Court tells us that we should be careful when seeking legal advice from the Internet — or even T.V., for that matter. That’s not to say the Internet doesn’t offer some reliable information, or that a general understanding of the law can’t be Read more

Reading the fine print in real-estate contracts

The list of items to worry about during the real-estate closing process can seem endless. There are lawyers to be consulted, documents to be gathered and signed, possible moving arrangements to be made, and the list goes on and on. Perhaps one of the most important considerations during the real-estate Read more

Are lawyers entering the electronic age, too?

There was a time, not that long ago, when doing something electronically, or over the Internet, was considered risky business. We used to do our banking in, you guessed it, an actual bank. Now we do it with a point and a click on our laptops, or even our Read more

HLF | Richmond Hill Legal Services

Hosseini Law Firm is a small, Canadian-based law firm with a rapidly growing international, multi-jurisdictional, and multidisciplinary practice. Dedicated legal service to small businesses and entrepreneurs is the firm’s primary focus.

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Our goal is to bring to our clients the comfort and satisfaction of knowing the right course of action to take in legal matters. Our lawyers and support team are dedicated to getting the answers and results our clients seek. Our services are carefully customized to best suit our clients’ needs, budgets, and expectations.

Our hard working team members and affiliates provide outstanding legal service and support throughout a wide spectrum of practice areas.

Further, we acknowledge that dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming and even intimidating – the jargon, the uncertainty, the complex rules and procedures, and the stress of meeting deadlines. For that reason, we strive to first help you understand the what you are facing, and second, discuss different possible options that would yield the best results. We listen to our clients, understand their needs, offer the best solutions and deliver on our promises. We go beyond expectations and always deliver outstanding service.

We are disciplined in our approaches and our actions. We always strive to provide high value to our clients. They deserve no less.

We demonstrate the highest ethical standards. We always behave with integrity, honesty and candidness when dealing with our clients.

We aim to ensure that you are at peace throughout the course of your case. We treat every client as an individual rather than a file. To inquire more about our services, or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact us now.

Buying or Selling Real Estate in Ontario?

For many Canadians, their single most important investment is their home. Whether buying or selling your home, you will need a lawyer to help you with the real estate transaction. Here are some of the things that we can do:

Drafting the agreement of purchase and sale
Drafting the mortgage documents
Collecting the transaction fees
Advising about tenancies, if applicable

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Need Escrow services?

HLF is competent and experienced in handling various types of escrow. You will benefit from our impartiality and objectivity.

Safeguard the funds or documents or both while they are in its possession.
Follow the instructions in a timely manner.
Handle the funds or documents according to the instructions.
Pay all bills as authorized

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Need Help with Mortgages?

The field of mortgage law, finance, lending and banking is continually evolving and complex. We simplify it for you. Our services include:

Residential and commercial mortgage transactions
Residential and commercial mortgage financing
Mortgage remedies
Mortgage foreclosure rights and responsibilities
Foreclosure proceedings
Powers of sale
Title searches and title insurance
Provincial and federal mortgage regulatory requirements
Document preparation, filing and administration

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Facing Debt and Bankruptcy?

Crippling debt and the prospect of bankruptcy is one of the most challenging situations for any person of any background. But you’re not alone. Countless Canadians face the same situation every day, and we’re experts at finding the debt solution that meets your specific needs, including:

Debt negotiation and settlement
Debt management and consolidation
Credit restructuring and rebuilding
Consumer proposal (business and personal)
Bankruptcy (business and personal)
Credit rebuilding
Court representation
Legal filing

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Why Incorporate Your Business?

There are many advantages to incorporating your business, as outlined below:

Limited liability
Protect your capital
Tax advantages
Capital acquisition
Perpetual existence
Mergers and acquisitions
Better public image

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