Easing the burden of divorce

Easing the burden of divorce

Easing the burden of divorce

The various costs associated with divorce can be overwhelming. Divorce can be the source of personal grief, emotional anxiety, familial breakup and general hardship. On top of it all, there is the financial burden that can sometimes accompanies the already painful process of divorce. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If both parties to a divorce are agreeable, the process can be far less burdensome than necessary.

Being agreeable

In fact, that’s the key: both parties to a divorce being agreeable. A less confrontational approach can not only start the process of emotional healing, it can ease the sometimes overwhelming financial costs incurred through divorce.

Much of that financial cost comes from obtaining the services of divorce lawyers. Of course, that’s where we come in. The reality is that lawyers are a necessary part of the process. However, they are not the sole players in the process, either. An over-reliance on lawyers is how financial costs during divorce proceedings often rise. This happens, of course, when the lawyers are used to try and settle every single battle between the divorcing couple. Again, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sit down and talk

Instead, as much as possible, both parties to a divorce should sit down, sometimes without the lawyers, and work out their differences amicably. This doesn’t mean you have to get back to together and make everything right again. It does mean that the road forward can be made much easier if two adults can figure out sensible solutions to solvable problems.

In fact, experience suggests that when two people actually try to work out some difficulties surrounding divorce, they find out that the problems weren’t as intractable as once thought. Every issue doesn’t have to be a battle, both parties don’t always disagree after a reasonable discussion, and solutions get worked out — with and without the lawyers.

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