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This page is the dedicated section of the Immigration Practice of Hosseini Law Firm (HLF). The firm is a boutique, multi-practice and multi-discipline Law Firm located in Richmond Hill (GTA), Ontario, Canada. We provide a wide range of legal services. We frequently represent individuals and entities from around the world that require legal advice, service and representation in Canada, relating to Canada and also in an inter-jurisdictional manner.

Our Services

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Our Legal Services

We actively represent individuals from around the world and we assist them in immigrating to Canada and establishing themselves here successfully. As such, our law firm has tremendous experience and we encourage you to contact us should you have any question, inquiry or concern, and we will be happy to utilize our legal and business expertise on your side.

Immigration to Canada

Business Class Programs:
• Investor
• Entrepreneur
• Self-employed

Professional Class Programs:
• Skilled Worker

Provincial Programs:
• Quebec Programs
• Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Family Class Programs:
• Sponsorship of spouse and common-law partners and dependent children
• Sponsorship of other family members and relatives

Temporary Resident:
• Visitor Visa
• Work Permit
• Study Permit

Why Canada?

Canada has become the world’s first destination for business, professional and family immigration due to its very advantageous and fast immigration program, its world recognized quality of life, and low business taxes. Please contact us for more information.

Why Us?

People around the world are always in search of a better quality of life. When some can’t find it at home, not only can they look for it abroad, but they are also able to pursue it abroad.

Each year close to a third of a million people emigrate from countries around the world to Canada in search of a better life and new opportunities. There is compelling evidence that immigrants are facilitators and catalysts in the transformation process of their home countries’ quality of life for the better (i.e. transfer of knowhow, capital, etc.). Immigration helps close the gap between the two worlds.

For most people moving from one corner of the world to the other is a major undertaking. At Hosseini Law Firm (HLF), we strive to make this transition easier. We simplify the often complex process of applying for immigration to a foreign country (Canada). We take care of the paper work and guide you through every stage of the process. Our services dramatically increase the chance of submitting a successful immigration application. In addition, we actively stay in direct communication with Citizenship & Immigration Canada as your legal representative (lawyer) and we will ensure that your case is processed and reviewed in the most suitable manner.

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