Professional Legal Consultation

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Professional Legal Consultation

This stream of services offers objective, one on one and detailed review,
analysis and planning for specific legal questions.

Consult our Legal Professionals & receive the precise and detailed answer
to your specific legal questions. This process will enable you to
better understand your specific legal questions, and to better ascertain
the different options that you may have.

Typical Questions
(divided by area of practice)

Business Law

What are the ‘benefits’ of ‘incorporation’?
Should we incorporate? What are the positive aspects; and what are the negative aspects?

Tax Planning:
How would I’ legally’ minimize my company’s tax exposure?

Joint Ventures:
We are a group of individual who wish to ‘invest’ inba venture- together. How do we ensure that all matters are clear and taken care of properly?

Commercial Tenancies:
I have a problem with my ‘Commercial Landlord’.
what are the options? How do I deal with my landlord, without jeopardizing the  relationship?


Debt Collection:
One of my clients owes me a ‘substantial amount’ of money. How do I proceed with collection?

Shareholder Actions:
We are three shareholders in’ one company’.
We need to rearrange the company-and possibly remove one of the shareholders by ‘buying him out’. What legal procedure is required?

Intellectual Property Disputes:
Our company has been sued for the ‘breach of Trade Mark’. What are our options? Can we dispute their TM?

Defamation & Breach:
I have been sued for ‘defamation’ and ‘breach of contract’. what are my rights, and my defences?  Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy Qualification:
Should I file for ‘bankruptcy’? Is it worth it for me? would there be a ‘better alternative’?

Jurisdictional Issues:
Should I file for bankruptcy ‘only’ in Canada? What if I also do business in USA?

Asset Transfers:
Can I ‘transfer’ my assets to someone else, then apply for bankruptcy?

Personal & Business Bankruptcy:
Should I declare personal bankruptcy only? What if I am ‘self-employed’ and I own my own business?

Debts to the Government:
I owe taxes to the ‘Government’, should I file for bankruptcy?

Discharge Issues:
I have not been ‘discharged’; what are my options?

Trustee in Bankruptcy:
Should I deal with the ‘Trustee in Bankruptcy’ directly, or through a lawyer?  Tax Law

Reassessment & Review:
My business has been ‘reassessed’ for GST/HST. Can I request a review?

Fines & Penalties:
The Government has imposed ‘heavy fines’ and ‘penalties’. Can I appeal?

Tax Minimization & Planning:
Our company is a ‘medium-sized entity’. How do we minimize our tax exposure?

In what ways would transfer pricing help our company with ‘reduced’ tax liability?

Tax Filing Requirements:
Would Canadian Citizens be required to file ‘USA tax returns’ with IRS?

Immigration & Tax Filing Obligations:
I am moving my family and my business operations to North America. What are my ‘tax filing obligations’?

Criminal Law

Impaired Driving:
I have been charged with multiple counts of ‘impaired driving’. What are my options? This is my first time.

Dangerous Driving:
I have been charged with 7 counts of ‘dangerous driving’ and ‘causing bodily harm’. My blood alcohol level was very high, and several people have been injured. What should I do?

My spouse has threatened to ‘kill’ me. What should I do?

I have a first appearance next week for the ‘charge of shoplifting’. Should I retain Counsel at this stage?

The Crown has offered me ‘conditional sentence’.
What does it mean? Will I get a criminal record? The offence relates to an alleged crime that I committed 3 years ago.
They have evidence that I punched a taxi driver in the face.

Theft Over:
I was charged with theft over when I was 19 yrs old. Now I am 31. Do I qualify for a ‘pardon’?

My friend has a criminal record for a ‘violent offence’. We like to travel to USA. Is he admissible?

Sexual Assault:
I have been charged with s.271 of the Canadian Criminal Code. There is absolutely no ‘direct’ or ‘circumstantial evidence’ against me. Should I take my chances and
proceed with trial?

Quasi-Criminal/Provincial Offences

Building Code:
I have received a  ‘summon’ to appear.
What should I do? The charge relates to failure to comply with  the ‘building code’.

Careless Driving:
I have been charged with ‘careless driving’. Should I plead guilty?

I have been charged with several counts of ‘failure to comply’ with the ‘Income Tax Act’. What are my options? Should I retain a lawyer or an accountant?

Our company has been charged with environmental offences. Would the directors be held liable?

Family Law

Support Payments:
Should I take my ex-spouse to court for the enforcement of support payment? If yes, then how?

Can I request sole-custody of my children?

Child Abduction:
My ex has abducted the kids- they have left the country- what are my options?

Financial Separation:
We have several joint accounts; what are our options?

Division of Property:
We have been married for a long time- how does the division of property apply to us?


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