Customized Legal Referral Service

Let us find you the right lawyer for your case, matter or inquiry. We offer customized legal referrals and introductions to meet your specific needs.

Getting the right match for you

As highly dedicated legal professionals, we are best equipped at introducing you to the right legal professionals — that have the specific focus and experience you’re looking for.

By utilizing our customized and highly-filtered referral system, the chances of enhancing your legal standing are greatly increased.

This will provide you with an opportunity to meet with legal professionals who have the required experience, tenacity and dedication for the prosecution of your specific legal issues at hand.

GTA legal referrals

All searches are very specific

There are several different areas of law targeted by our advanced legal referral service. Each area of law is then subdivided into further/smaller practice areas. As such, it is sometimes a challenging task to find the right legal processional for the specific legal issue/case. That’s not so if you use our legal referral service.

After being advised of the nature of the problem, or the area of law concerned, the lawyer referral operator will provide the names and telephone numbers of three lawyers practicing in the applicable field of law. You can then make an appointment with one, two, or all three of those lawyers, and advise them that they were referred by our referral service..

Please complete this form for a customized legal referral. Thank you.

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