Legal Services & Representation

Legal Services & Representation

This stream of services offers complete legal services and representation in Richmond Hill and Markham along with other areas of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In addition,  legal services and representation in
several different jurisdictions- in several different areas of law- including the following:

Barristership in Richmond Hill/Markham and GTA

  • Administrative Law Matters (ADR, Panels, Hearings & Tribunals, Regulatory Proceedings, Assessment Reviews, Admissibility Hearings)
  • Civil Law Matters (ADR, Business Related Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Collection Matters, Intra-Corporate Matters)
  • Criminal Law & Quasi-Criminal Matters (Summary & Indictable Offences, Regulatory Offences, Hybrid Offences, Driving Offences, Impaired Driving (Driving Under the Influence “DUI”), Provincial Offences)
  • Family Law Matters (Divorce Proceedings, Separation, Division of Assets, Custody Matters, Application for Partition -Both Legal Proceedings and Legal Negotiations-)


Solicitorship in Richmond Hill/Markham and GTA

  • Business Law (Corporate, Commercial, Business, Securities & Investments, Capital Markets, Securitization, Tax, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Trade, Transactions)
  • Estate Law (Planning and Administration, Trusts, Wills, POAs)
  • Immigration Law (Business, Investment & Entrepreneur Programs, Skilled Worker, Work & Education Visas & Economic Citizenship Programs- for several different jurisdictions-)
  • Labour and Employment Law (Contracts, Disputes & Hearings, Wrongful Dismissal)
  • Real Estate Law (Residential Transactions, Commercial Transactions, Refinances, Disputes, Mortgages, Registrations & Discharge and Private Mortgages)

Engage our lawyers and legal professionals for a wide range of services, from mediation & arbitration to advocacy, legal maneuvering & appeals. Please contact us for more details.

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