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There are many professionals we hire as a matter of routine: doctors, dentists, mechanics, etc. These are people that are essentially on call for us and can provide essential services when needed. For example, if you have a good mechanic on call, you can trust them to fix your ailing vehicle, especially during an emergency. Furthermore, if that mechanic is skilled and trusted, they will be referred to friends and family — especially since skilled and trusted mechanics can sometimes be hard to find.

Like hiring a mechanic or dentist

These same principles apply to finding a good lawyer, who should be available to you whenever a legal situation arises — which probably happens more often than we like to believe. Sometimes we get into financial and legal disputes with friends, or vendors provide bad service and product for which legal remedies are necessary. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to hire a lawyer, but they can be a necessity in today’s business and legal environment.

As reluctant people are to obtain the services of a good lawyer, they’re probably even more reluctant — or simply unaware — when it comes to the need to hire a good real-estate lawyer: on call, whenever his or her services are required. In a market where real-estate buying and selling has become more frequent than ever before, the needs for the services of a good real-estate lawyer have also become more necessary than before. Yet people are still generally uneducated about this need.

More necessary than ever

For example, many people believe that a real-estate agent can handle any legal issues that arise during the course of a property buy or sell. But this isn’t true. There are countless legal matters surrounding real-estate purchases that agents are simply not qualified to handle. Only a qualified real-estate lawyer would suffice. Legal issues surrounding real-estate transactions include defects to an existing title, defects to the property itself, any outstanding property taxes, etc.

By the time some of the real-estate legal issues arise, it may be simply too late to find a new real-estate lawyer to deal with the problem. However, if you already have someone on call, just as you would a doctor or a mechanic, then unforeseen situations can be handled quickly and professionally, so that your real-estate dealings can transpire efficiently and with as little hassle as possible.

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