Standard Charge Terms

All Standard Charge Terms are in Adobe (.pdf) format. Just click on the Registration number you are interested in. This is a resource for both clients and colleagues. If you have any additions or suggestions please let us know. We will be adding more as time permits.

Registration No. Company


882 Bank of Montreal 8-Feb-88
892 National Trust Company unknown
911 Dye & Durham 2-Jan-91
965 Household Realty Corporation Limited 2-Apr-96
979 ING Mortgage Broker Services Inc. 1-Aug-97
8520 The Toronto-Dominion Bank unknown
8521 The Toronto-Dominion Bank unknown
8545 Bank of Montreal 29-Oct-85
8616 Canada Mortgage and Housing 1-Apr-86
8817 National Bank of Canada 23-Nov-88
9017 Ontario Provincial Police 6-July-90
9222 Laurentian Bank of Canada 09-Nov-92
9320 Dye & Durham 30-Nov-93
9412 Royal Bank of Canada 17-May-94
9626 Laurentian Bank of Canada 29-Nov-96
9816 Scotiabank 1-Jul-99
9819 MCAP Corporation 25-Aug-98
9912 Royal Bank of Canada – Royal Trust Corp 18-Aug-99
20015 Royal Bank of Canada 28-June-01
20017 Royal Bank of Canada 11-Jul-01
200012 The Bank of Nova Scotia Feb-02
200033 Dye & Durham 3-Nov-00
200117 Scotia Mortgage 1-Nov-01
200205 Presidents Choice 23-Jan-02
200212 Manulife Bank of Canada unknown
200217 Trans Canada Credit Corporation 2-Jun-02
200218 FirstLine 24-Jul-02
200224 Caisses Populaires 30-Sep-02
200228 Home Trust Company 24-Oct-02
200303 CIBC 27-Jan-03
200308 CIBC Mortgages Inc. 16-Jun-03
200314 Citizen’s Bank of Canada 2-Sep-03
200318 Bridgewater Financial Services Ltd. 17-Dec-03
200408 Twin Oak Credit Union Limited 27-Feb-04
200425 Bank of Montreal 1-Oct-04
200426 Bank of Montreal 1-Oct-04
200430 Investors unknown
200431 Investors unknown
200433 Dye & Durham 14-Oct-04
200440 National Bank 1-Mar-05
200441 Concentra Financial 21-Dec-04
200442 N-Brook Mortgage Holdings Inc. 21-Dec-04
200507 Scotiabank unknown
200509 ING Bank of Canada 8-Mar-05
200512 Royal Bank of Canada 6-Apr-05
200514 Royal Bank of Canada Apr-05
200516 FirstLine 21-Apr-05
200522 Meridian Credit Union Limited 6-Jun-05
200525 Northern Credit Union 17-Aug-05
200535 Accredited Home Lenders Canada Inc. 16-Nov-05
200539 The Toronto-Dominion Bank unknown
200543 CIBC 12-Dec-05
200544 The Toronto-Dominion Bank unknown
200601 Cervus Financial Corporation Jan-06
200602 Royal Bank of Canada 12-Jan-06
200603 Scotiabank 1-Feb-06
200604 Bank of Nova Scotia unknown
200611 PC Financial 3-Mar-06
200613 FirstLine 8-Mar-06
200615 Citizens Bank of Canada 6-Apr-06
200617 Royal Bank of Canada 25-Apr-06
200621 Bank of Montreal 1-Sep-06
200627 Scotia Mortgage Corporation unknown
200631 Dundee Bank 18-Sep-06
200633 MYNEXT Funding Corporation 5-Oct-06
200637 Presidents Choice 25-Oct-06
200638 CIBC 25-Oct-06
200644 CIBC 1-Nov-06
200645 Bridgewater Bank 15-Dec-06
200706 Scotiabank unknown
200710 FirstLine 4-May-07
200713 Laurentian Bank of Canada 25-June-07
200723 Canadian Western Trust Company unknown
200724 Canadian Western Trust Company Aug-08
200726 Street Capital Financial 7-Nov-07
200727 Home Trust Company 7-Nov-07
200728 Paradigm Quest Inc. 5-Dec-07
200801 CIBC 15-Jan-08
200806 Firstline 9-Apr-08
200807 Equitable Trust Company 17-Apr-08
200809 Macquarie Financial 5-May-08
200815 CIBC 1-Aug-08
200816 CIBC 8-Aug-08
200817 Firstline Mortgages Sept-08
200819 Firstline 19-Sep-08
200826 President’s Choice Financial Oct-08
200830 First National 2-Dec-08
200831 First National 2-Dec-08
200834 Bank of Montreal Feb-09
200910 CIBC Mortgages Inc. 22-Oct-09
200911 President’s Choice 22-Oct-09
200912 Firstline 22-Oct-09
200913 CIBC Firstline Mortgages 22-Oct-09
201009 Bank of Montreal Mar-10
201013 MCAP Service Corporation 19-May-10
201023 Province of Ontario unknown
201024 Investors Group Trust unknown
201027 The Toronto-Dominion Bank unknown
201030 Equity Financial Trust Company 7-Oct-10
201036 MacQuarie Financial Ltd. 08-Dec-10
201103 Bank of Montreal Mar-11
201105 Bridgewater Bank Mar-11
201112 CHIP 6-June-11
201123 Ing Bank of Canada 30-Nov-11
201201 CIBC Mortgages Inc. 30-Jan-12
201203 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Jan-12
201204 Equitable 2-Feb-12
201301 Bank of Nova Scotia unknown
201309 Royal Bank of Canada 24-May-13
201311 Royal Bank of Canada 24-May-13
201318 Equitable Bank 4-Jul-13
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